Matrix samrtoverlay

On the control panel, if a large number (0-100 or above) of LEDs are required for instruction, the LEDs and the circuit will occupy too much space of the PCB. How to solve this problem ?

The IJ SmartOverlay Matrix solutions will help solve this problem. By utilizing the matrix circuit design, a large number of LEDs can be trans- ferred from the PCB to the SmartOverlay, reducing the amount of space needed.

Engineering Feature: 
◇ More space released on the PCBA by transferring the LEDs to the SmartOverlay 
◇ Decreases the sources of electrical heat on the PCBA
◇ Metric circuit design minimizes the circuit layout
◇ Improves assembly efficiency, removes the light guide module
Application Area:
◇ Medical Devices
◇ IT/telecomunications
◇ Optical Networking