Identification is important. It’s not just a sign on a machine. It makes sure equipment is operated correctly. It keeps you and your co-workers safe. It keeps your organization running smoothly. At Ideal Jacobs, we strive to provide the highest quality custom ID solutions. Our custom metal/plastic nameplates are built exactly to your specifications. No matter the application, we have the right ID solution for you.

Plastic Nameplate Design Options

◇ Embossed plastic nameplates

◇ Injection molded plastic nameplates

◇ Chrome plated plastic nameplates

◇ Choice of base substrates with brush look , bright 


◇ Plastic labels (stickers) are also available with multi-

  color printing

Metal Nameplate Design Options

◇ Emboss

◇ Metallic colors

◇ Anodized

◇ Micro holes

◇ Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass

◇ Spin finish, brush finish, diamond cutting

◇ Metal labels are also available

◇ Etched

◇ Forged

◇ Electroformed