Silver Printing Circuit


 Silver flexible circuits are ideal for low-power and low signal applications where space is a premium. By choosing silver, the customers can design a product that bends and flexes.


Furthermore Ideal Jacobs possess the technology of Find Line Printing, with the trace as narrow as 0.127mm. This capability provide an alternative to traditional copper circuitry, which makes silver flexible circuit more cost effective and desirable.


◇ Light weight

◇ Flexible

◇ Thin

Basic Parameter:

◇ Operating voltage: 50VDC

◇ Operating current: 100mA

◇ Insulation resistance: 50MΩ

◇ Substrate withstand voltage: 2k DVC

◇ Bending test: Silver ink/R(2mm)20times

◇ ESD test : IEC61000-4-2;Level 4 Air

◇ gap+/-15KV&Contact +/-8KV

◇ Operating temperature: -40~85

◇ Normal thickness: 0.125mm

◇ Minimum Pitch: 0.5mm

◇ Integrated circuits: QFN, QFP, D-PAK(0.50MM (Pitch)

Application Area:

     Smart  Home Appliances

     Medical Devices

     Automotive Devices

     Data Logging/Smart Tags


Printed Circuit
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◇ Cost effective

◇ Environmentally friendly