Printed Electronics
Silver Flexible Circuit Solutions

In order to provide a more cost-effective solution for our customers, Ideal Jacobs is honored to launch our new high performing “Silver Flexible Circuit” solution which can replace traditional etched copper traces on polyimide with fine spaces, narrow silver traces and complex components on a polyester substrate.

Product Features :
Polyester (PET) substrate - It is a flexible mate- rial, which can replace rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) and is more cost-effective than polyamide. 

The width and space of the circuit in total is only 0.5mm, which can also be improved during the design process. This type of circuit also has low resistance and high conductivity, which can be formed to create various effective low power signal circuits.

Proprietary soldering technique - We are using traditional SMT processes on polyester sub- strate to solder narrow pin pace (0.5mm)

Consumer/Home Appliance/Industrial/Medical Devices 

UV-cure Encapsulant - To protect the solder joints weuse the UV- cured encapsulant. This enables them to withstand 

vibration and mechanical shock. This solution offers robust connection for various applications.
Silver Printing - This type of printing can replace cooper etching which is more cost-effective.​​

Environmentally Friendly - This type of solution does not require a facility to deal with harsh chemicals or waste materials.
It can be implanted with LED components to enhance the backlighting for user-interface.

Silver Flexible Circuit withFine Line Printing
Silver flexible circuits are ideal for low-power and low signal applications where space is a premium. By choosing silver, the customers can design a product that bends and flexes. Further- more Ideal Jacobs possess the technology of Find Line Printing, with the trace as narrow as 0.127mm . This capability provide an alternative to traditional copper circuitry, which makes silver flexible circuit more cost effective and desirable.

Basic information :
◇ Operating voltage: ≤50VDC
◇ Operating current: ≤100mA
◇ Insulation resistance: ≥50MΩ
◇ Substrate withstand voltage: 2k DVC
◇ Bending test: Silver ink/R(2mm)20times
◇ ESD test : IEC61000-4-2;Level 4 Air
   gap+/-15KV&Contact +/-8KV
◇ Operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
◇ Normal thickness: 0.125mm
◇ Minimum Pitch: 0.5mm
◇ Integrated circuits: QFN, QFP, D-PAK(0.50MMPitch)

Product features:
◇ Light weightFlexible
◇ Thin
◇ Cost effective

◇ Environmentally friendly

Application Area:
◇ Consumer/Smart Home Appliances
◇ Data Logging/Smart Tags
◇ Medical Devices
◇ Automotive Devices