Rubber keypads

Rubber keypads are manufactured from silicone rubber properties that are typically processed from either injection or compression molding. They have exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures and environmental factors, making them an ideal choice for products exposed to harsh environmental conditions, moisture, chemicals, etc

Ideal Jacobs offer a wide range of design possibilities due to the many sizes, shapes, and colors that it can be molded into. Our rubber switches be easily integrated into both flex circuitry and PCB-based membrane switch assemblies allowing for both reduction in cost and assembly time.

Custom Rubber Keypad Solutions & Features:

◇ Multiple shapes, sizes, and color options

◇ Tactility and actuator options

◇ Flexible circuit based (copper flex Kapton or silver) or PCB based loaded with components

◇ Printing and graphics utilizing screen-printing, Rubber keypad backlighting

◇ Proprietary over coatings and finishes

◇ Embossed or debossed molding

◇ Conductive carbon pills

◇ Latest dome technology for tactility

◇ Graphic overlay adhesion and integration

◇ Environmental sealing

◇ Laser etching

◇ Chemically resistant coating

◇ Many different durometer options

◇ EMI / ESD / RFI Shielding

◇ Rubber, plastic, stainless steel keycaps

◇ Epoxy coated keys

◇ Custom molded enclosures