What is IJ SmartOverlay®:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

SmartOverlay® is a successful solution provided by Ideal Jacobs (Xiamen)Corporation. It is an active overlay with electrical circuit, integrate with  LED components as well as with multi-color graphic interface.

Furthermore On the control panel, if a large number (0-100 or above) of LEDs are required for instruction, the LEDs and the circuit will occupy too much space of the PCB. How to solve this problem?

The IJ SmartOverlay® Matrix solutions will help solve this problem. By  utilizing the matrix circuit design, a large number of LEDs can be transferred from the PCB to the SmartOverlay®, reducing the amount of space needed.

    Publish time 2022-03-29 00:00    

Engineer Features

◇ More space released from PCBA by transferring the LED to SmartOverlay®

◇ Help to improve the integration of PCBA function

◇ Decrease the electric heat sources in PCBA

◇ Light guide move off, more PCB cost saving

Application Area:

◇ Telecommunications

◇ Optical Networking

◇ Medical Device


Overlay + Adhesive/Spacer + ircuit with LED + Rear Adhesive = SmartOverlay®