Product development is at the core of our company. The Ideal Jacobs R&D team consists of skilled graphic designers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. Our team is committed to a common goal of turning your ideas into a successful product by designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom product solutions. 

Our skilled engineering and design teams offer their expertise to guide your design through the stages of development to a finished part. Our team offers assistance with:

• LEDs/backlighting

• Adhesives

• Shielding

• Sealing/gasket sealing

• Rapid prototyping

• Resistance testing

• Material selection, artwork, and color matching

• Durability options

• Embossing

• Faceplate options

• Tactile versus non-tactile

• Domes and actuation


With no minimum quantity requirements, we specialize in short run and prototype request. We are equipped with in-house manufacturing capabilities that allows for the most competitive price and shortest lead time. Our skilled and dedicated team will assist you through the order process and move your parts swiftly through the facility from quote to shipment.


Our project management team offers customers continued support through the production of every product and is responsible in leading a project from its inception to execution. This not only ensures all deliverables exceed requirements within the expected timeframe, but also allocates resources to maximize project efficiency.