• Custom Rubber Keypads

    Custom Rubber Keypads

    Like membrane switches, rubber keypads can be made to resist moisture and harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, their three-dimensional features that provide a very user-friendly tactile interface.【detailed】



  • We are back to operation!

    We are back to operation!

    A prosperous opening! We are back to Operation after Chinese New Year Holiday. Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiry via【detailed】



  • 2021 Xiamen Annual Dinner

    2021 Xiamen Annual Dinner

    Ideal Jacobs(Xiamen) held an annual dinner on January 21st, 2022. It was the first time gathering in 2years during the pandemic. We prepared shows for annual gala and also a reward ceromonny. It was really a fun time. 【detailed】



  • Happy 72th Birthday, China!

    Happy 72th Birthday, China!

    Happy 72th Birthday, China!

    Ideal Jacobs (Xiamen) will be closed off during
    Oct 1st -7th for National holiday.



  • 2021 In-House Dome Label

    2021 In-House Dome Label

    Ideal Jacobs with 100 years' experience in printing industry, we do printing and doming
    in-house with strict quality control and faster turnaround times.【detailed】



  • Another Antibaterial Solution! Keyboard Cover

    Another Antibaterial Solution! Keyboard Cover

    Another Antibaterial Solution! Keyboard Cover for industrial and medical keyboard applications. 【detailed】



  • New Solution Release

    New Solution Release

    While individual strains of the Covid Pandemic are being brought under control there is still a long way to go before it is neutralized globally. Individual mutations will most likely be with us for the next few years, at least so it is important to stay vigilant in multiple avenues to reduce their effects. One way is to manufacture plastic front panels, SMART and other labels with an anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-mold plastic that offers long lasting and continuous protection. Please click on the picure below for flyer detail.【detailed】



  • IJXM Phase#2 main structure complete

    IJXM Phase#2 main structure complete

    Ideal Jacobs Xiamen phase#2 was officically annouced completion of the main structure on Feb 7th, 2021. Further work is continuing after CNY(Chinese New Year holiday).【detailed】



  • 2020 Annual Trip

    2020 Annual Trip

    Ideal Jacobs (Xiamen) Corp. arranged an annual trip on Nov 10th, the date that signifies the begin of the winter in East Asian Calander-Lìdōng(立冬).We travelled to Chongwu, a beautiful and historic coastal town in Quanzhou, Fujian. Together we sang, we chatted and we enjoyed traditional show of Hui'an maidens. It was memorable one-day trip to all. 【detailed】