Metal Dome Arrays
Ideal Jacobs is capable of manufacturing metal dome arrays (metal dome sheets) according to your own technical specification. Metal Dome Arrays deliver a reliable and consistent switch-contact system. They are used in any type of Man/Machine interface, Every kind of push-button for front panels and switch keypads. Our in-house manufacturing is based on high quality components & materials.

A metal dome array & sheet (dome array) is a kind of glued PET array & sheet that carries metal dome, which will be peeled easy from the released paper and place sticky on circuit boards, as a switches of electronic device. So it also need "peel & place metal dome", in viewing of metal dome packing. You can put single dome or several metal dome per array, as per designed purposed, mostly the same quantity and location as PAD of circuit board which will be sticked on.

The dome array (metal dome array) is the most cost effective solution for a simple switch with a superior tactile interface between your equipment and user. Compared to the membrane polyester switch which was formerly used, it gives good click-feeling. It also gives much longer lasting life span compared to poly dome sheets, because metal dome used.

◇ High Quality components & materials

◇ In-house manufacturing & quality process

◇ Design flexibility with domes of your choice, dimension and shape

◇ Custom made with standard process & competitive price

Application Area:
◇ Medical Devices

◇ IT/Telecommunication

◇ Home Appliance 

◇ Automotive